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In a marketplace full of similar looking products made with faux materials, it is sometimes difficult for consumers to differentiate amongst all the different quality categories of furniture, and unfortunately, that often leads to disappointment. That is why at Latitudes Furniture we strive to carry products that are not only unique, but real. When you step into our showroom, you can be sure that what appears to be wood is real wood, leather is real leather and metal is real metal.

Our carefully selected sources from around the world specialize in handcrafted products made with integrity, care and respect for our environment.  Our collection features 8-way hand tied upholstered furniture, mortise and tenon joinery, reclaimed wood, antique components and handmade finishes.

Due to the handmade nature of our furniture, most items are different from each other and not two are identical. Therefore, when you visit our showroom and fall in love with a piece, take it home as it may not be there next time you visit us!

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